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Eileen Hewson FRGS has travelled the remote areas of the Himalaya for over 40 years.

Her travels have taken her to Everest and Nepal, along the Karakorum Highway between Pakistan & China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kashmir, Ladakh & Zanskar and many others. Her plans for the future include the newly opened Kingdom of Mustang and Eastern Bhutan. She still talks about her trek to Everest.

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Lunch at a farmhouse in Haa Bhutan

I had the chance of visiting a farmhouse in the Haa district also known as Hidden-Land Rice Valley in the west of the country on the Tibetan border. There is a large Indian military presence here because of the incursions by the Chinese. The farmhouse is also a homestay guest house. I found many similarities…

Lumbini Nepal 2016

This intrepid traveller was in Lumbini in search of the birth place of Buddha in the south of the country. I am happy to say she succeeded in her aim. The place was full of pilgrims from all over Asia queuing to venerate the actual birth place which is housed in a large building. I…

Swayambunath Monastery Kathmandu

Prayer flags flutter in the breeze taking blessings into the universe. Tibetans sell trinkets and bric-a-brac at the many stalls. A few monkeys try to make a nuisance of themselves but the tourists and pilgrims just ignore them. It is pleasant to sit under the prayer flags and reflect on life and watch life go…

The Road to Zanskar Kashmir 2013

Two day after leaving Leh I finally reach Padum. I stayed overnight at Kargil the guy who carried my luggage to the room who was shocked at how little I had. We change drivers here I say goodbye to my Buddhist Ladakhi and hello to the Moslem Kashmiri who speaks little English which suits me.…

The Srinagar-Leh Highway 1978

The Srinagar-Leh highway is open about four months of the year from May to September. In July 1978 as part of a group I travelled from Srinagar to Leh stopping overnight at Kargil. We were some of the earliest tourists to come to Ladakh since this remote region bordering of China and Pakistan had been…

A Himalayan Journey - Video

I travelled along the Leh to Srinagar highway only open 3 months of the year because the passes are closed by snow in winter stopping at Kargil overnight. This is a predominantly Moslem town halfway between Leh and Srinagar in Kashmir. As there are many hard line Moslems here I stayed all the time in the hotel. Being a foreign woman travelling I felt my reception on the streets could be hostile. The following morning I changed drivers for one from Kargil and drove to Padum in Zanskar where I stayed for a few nights before returning to Leh. The taxi union in Kargil does not allow the drivers from Leh to continue past Kargil.


Campaigns for an end to China’s occupation of Tibet and for international recognition of the Tibetans’ right to freedom to live their lives without oppression. It mobilises active support for the Tibetan cause, champions human rights and challenges those whose actions sustain the occupation.

In 1949 when China invaded Tibet the world stood by and watched the slaughter of many Tibetans and did NOTHING. Almost 70 years later Tibet still continues to suffer under Chinese oppression and still the world does NOTHING to ease the plight of the Tibetans.

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